2016 Germantown Board of Mayor & Aldermen & Germantown Board of Education Elections

Houston High students Madeeha Aziz, Caroline Jones, and Emma Holley interview all the candidates for the Germantown Board of Mayor & Aldermen and the Germantown Board of Education elections for the 2018 cycle. Watch them here!

On the Beat with Germantown Deputy Police Chief Rodney Bright

GMTV is excited to announce its partnership with the Germantown Police Department to produce a monthly series called On the Beat. Each month, Germantown Deputy Police Chief Rodney Bright will look at policing in Germantown, TN and introduce you to some of the men and women who work hard to keep Germantown one of the safest cities in Tennessee.

Entertaining Germantown with Parke Kennedy

Entertaining Germantown aims to bring awareness to the arts and entertainment happening in and around Germantown, Tennessee. Host Parke Kennedy of the Germantown Performing Arts Center interviews different people of interest about programs and events to help you fill your calendar with the arts!

Weather Watch with Finnegan Gruggett

Join host Finnegan Gruggett on Weather Watch, a monthly show focused on weather in the city of Germantown, TN and surrounding MidSouth area. Each show will highlight weather trends and important weather duties of local organizations. Finnegan is GMTV's local weather forecaster and a student at Houston High school in Germantown, TN.

Healthy Germantown with Will Kassner

Healthier Germantown is a show produced by the city of Germantown, TN highlighting the Healthier Tennessee initiative. Each month, host Will Kassner will chat with different health specialists in the Germantown area on how to stay active and live a healthier lifestyle. Steve will also check out healthy recipes from Whole Foods Market and will feature an ask the doctor from Campbell Clinic segment.

More Shows Coming Soon!

MidSouth Matters - Interviews with Ruth Dunning

​MidSouth Matters is a talk show that dives into various topics with different people of interest throughout the MidSouth area. Host Ruth Dunning explores these topics and hopes to challenge some of your preconceived notions of those subjects.

In the Money with Teresa Bailey

​Host of In the Money's Teresa Bailey interviews different Midsouth experts about different financial topics that interest you. From stocks and bonds, to wealth management and planning, Teresa highlights all topics to make you better informed about your financial options. 

Spotlight on Excellence with GMSD Superintendent Jason Manuel

Get an inside look at the Germantown Municipal School District with Superintendent Jason Manuel. Mr. Manuel will highlight all the great activities going on at GMSD through interviews with different teachers and staff members.

Focus on Germantown with Germantown Mayor Mike Palazzolo

Mayor of Germantown Mike Palazzolo examines different aspects of city government and the overall health of the city. Join him as he interviews different city employees to find out what you need to know as a Germantown citizen.

2014 Holiday Strings & Choral Concert

Join Houston High School's choir groups Dolce Bella and Fifth Measure as they perform music that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit! Choirs are directed by Dr. William Rayburn. Houston High School's Strings Program also performs many classic holiday favorites. Strings are directed by Long Long Kang.

Law Talk with J. Vincent Perryman

Local Memphis, TN attorney Vince Perryman discusses different legal issues that affect you and your every day life. Vince chats with different attorneys who can help provide guidance through sometimes difficult and complicated times.

Impressions & Reflections with Sharon Goldsworthy

Long time Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy reflects on her time in city government. Goldsworthy was first elected as mayor of Germantown in 1994 and has held the position for two decades. She decided not to run for reelection in 2014. She chats with Germantown City Administrator Patrick Lawton as they reflect on the goals and accomplishments of her administration.

​Germantown Municipal Television offers a variety of programming for the Germantown, TN community. From classic television shows such as The Beverly Hillbillies and Dragnet to completely original content produced locally by the students of Houston High School, our channel is as diverse as they come. As a PEG station, we also air content produced by other PEG stations from around the United States. GMTV can be found on AT&T U-Verse channel 99 and Comcast channel 17 in the Germantown area. We will post links to all of our original programming here on our website so viewers not in the city of Germantown can see all the great things we are up to!

Original Programming

Inside Germantown Community Theatre

Inside Germantown Community Theatre spotlights directors from the theatre's season of plays. Executive Director, Dr. Michael D. Miles talks with directors about their process when it comes to casting, designing, acting, and more! Based loosely on inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton, this series will provide insight to the different challenges of directing a play.

GMTV Programming